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Marketing geeks are certainly aware that in the pre-web era the term “Word of Mouth” was used in reference to the type of ‘viral’ promotion occurring when people talk about a product or brand.

Fast forwarding to the present we can see that the concept is the same dynamic leveraged today by Social Media Marketing (SMM).(Spontaneous organic exchange of information and opinions.)

In my opinion Social Media is the one most beneficial biproduct web technology has introduced to the world of business, and in particular to marketing.

I used to dislike marketing and avoid it like the plague due to the unreliabilty, aggressiveness and abuse of propagandistic techniques.

Well, social media has brought about something I call “Forced Transparency”. Meaning, the impossibility to control social feedback, fairness and honesty toward both, consumers and workers, can’t be faked anymore!


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Viral Promotion = Website Authority

As we recommend, or express our opinion on a product or service, we will most likely include a link leading to a website. The greater the number of links the more “Authority” is given to the website ‘Domain’.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the most powerful ranking factor in the eye of the Search Engine (SE). Is calculated on the number of links and likes and it signifies that the company is popular and the public is satisfied with what their website offers.

How do you build domain authority? With links from other websites (domains) and Social Signals (Likes and links from social media websites). Both of them are the primary objective of a good Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy.

In-House or Outsourced.

The tipical business owner reaction is:”Who has the time for online chatting?

Of course, we all know; you need to be running your business… not working in it.

Your time has to be spent managing, which nowadays also includes managing the person or agency, in charge of your social media marketing, or both.

A professional can be in charge of the bulk of the work and someone with in depth familiarity with the business in charge of the personalized touches.


A quick note before we continue:

it is not about out-spending the competition. It’s about in depth familiarity with search engine technology allowing for skillful reverse engineering and exploitation of any under-optimized area of the top competitors marketing strategy.


Social Media Marketing done right.

That is the big misconception about SMM, everybody thinks is increadibly time consuming, which would normally be, but not when you are organized to do it efficiently as a social media specialist.

It is just like any other marketing process. Following the intial careful planning, the execution is mostly systematic and partially even automated, leaving room for spontaneous “injections” of wisdom about specifics which can only come from a business insider (Anyone familiar with your brand positioning who you consider reliable as brand ambassador).

Advanced Social Media Marketing

To bring SMM to the next level we need to think “Public Relation”. Just like an old school public relation expert would organize “Situations” favorable to the initiation of public debates or reporting by the media, a social media manager would engineer, usually in cooperation with marketing, events, new prodcuts lunches, store grand openings, participation to industry events, leveraging of newsworthy events etc. etc.

Anything capable to ignite enough emotional involvement to inspire exchange of opinion or information can become a social media buzz.

Interested in the “How To”?
Read about Effective social media marketeting in details Here.

One Stop Marketing Solution.

Effective online marketing requires in depth knowledge of how the web works.

Technology is today a fundamental force to be dealt with.
My background include web development and web design I can strategically design your marketing machine from the ground up.

However, I’ll be more than happy to work with your current web team, and if you don’t have one, no problem.

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