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Unprecedented Market Penetration

90% of your existing and potential customers are never more than three feet away from their mobile phone, day or night, 24/7. Would you say that mobile advertising should be one of your marketing strategy?

If you, as a consumer, take advantage of smart phone search capabilities while out and about, won’t be surprised, but if you are not an avid mobile searcher you might: 60% of all searches for a local business come from mobile devices.

But what should really impress you the most as a small business owner is the level of positive response statistically recorded; 70% of all mobile searches result in action taken by the consumer.

infographic - 82% of consumers search with mobile devices to decide where to shop

Mobile searchers are better buyers.

It is quite logical; by definition mobile buyers are on the move, and the most convenient way to get things done is by using the mobile device.

Exactly because they don’t have time to waste when using the phone they get to the buying decision sooner than in a home or office setting.

Your mobile buyers are easy to please.

That is why your mobile website has to be a skillfully simplified version of your main site, designed specifically to let your potential new customers find what they are looking for without having to wrestle with an extensive selling pitch or superfluous navigation steps. They only need the essential information and the fastest path to the solution they are looking for.

In most cases mobile buyers have already decided to buy the moment they start searching, all they need is to find it quickly and, if the price is right, the deal is done.

Search Engines won’t let you rank without Mobile Optimization.

At this point is where once more we are reminded of how important it is to have your web presence optimized by an experienced SEO specialist.

When the mobile buyers press enter the search engine will look for qualifying websites and then determine the level of “Mobile friendliness”, the web sites most compatible to mobile devices get to the top.

That is why the mobile version of a web site does not need to be as comprehensive. Your main site content is doing the hard work of qualifying as the most authoritative in your maket sector and most relevant to the search query.

The qualifying factor for the mobile version is how agile and adaptive it is in terms of mobile technology and mobile users expectations.

Interested in learning how it is achieved and achivable for you too?
Read about mobile market optimization in details Here.


A quick note before we continue:

it is not about out-spending the competition. It’s about in depth familiarity with search engine technology allowing for skillful interpretation and optimization of the top competitors marketing strategy.


SEO + Usability = The lean, mean, Marketing Machine.

Next I analyze your web properties; website, social media, directories listing, blog, articles, videos, promotionals; the process of Search Engine Optimization begins. Systematically everything need to be optimized, your website and all the off site published material. Equally important is the user experience optimization, we want to make each one of your customers feel like the red carpet has been laid down just for them. After all the search engine does not become your customer, your website visitors do.

Advanced Marketing Strategies.

At this point your business is the most prominent when potential new customers search online. It is time to leverage the momentum created by your SEO upgrade with some heavy duty Search Engine Marketing. Business brand inhancement through social media marketing, rich media publishing, mobile marketing and the good ol’ fashion off line local promotion… If your business is ready for expansion, we can make it happen.

One Stop Marketing Solution.

Effective online marketing requires in depth knowledge of how the web works.

Web technology is today a fundamental force to be dealt with.

Local Market Group was formed when a group of web designers and developers decided they were tired to build awesome websites just to watch them disappear from the search engines because of marketing ineptitude. We know the nuts and bolts of the web and can strategically design your entire branding and marketing machine from the ground up.

However, we’ll be more than happy to collaborate with your current web team.

No web team? No problem.

We are a full service marketing solution backed up by 19 years of web industry experience.