Local Marketing



Agile Marketing Process - Continuous Optimization Cycle - Diagram.

Promoting a business locally does not imply a lighter approach to digital marketing..

As you certainly know today’s consumers first search online and then decide which local store to favor.

It is not unusual for a digital-maketing-savvy business to attract customers from neighboring local areas. They can easily do that if you let them outrank you in the search engine results.

Pay attention now!

It is not necessarily a matter of marketing budget.

Focus on Smarter Marketing

Professionally presenting your business where your potential customers go when looking for the type of products or services you offer is the basic necessity. Striving for best may results in an excessive expenditure of resources.

Agile Marketing

Given the fact that digital marketing cycles have evolved proportionately to the speed of digital technology the best marketing strategies are conceived to be as agile as its environment.

ROI With Minimal Expenditure

The most ROI is produced by purposly focusing on agile marketing strategy with the objective of engaging only the minimal resources required to perform slightly better than your competitors. Doing so won’t expose the entire strategy scope and reserve resources in order to easily outperform recovery attempts as they will try to catch up.

That is the type of strategy which gets you a top ranking in the search results AND keeps you there enjoying the consequential consistent flow of new customers.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you are ready to hire a professional or constrained by budget to the DIY local marketing approach, my advice to you is the same: begin by informing yourself about the basic concepts of Digital Marketing.

Eventually, as your business grows, you will of course hire marketing pros, knowing the rules of the game is extremely beneficial even if your involvement is limited to discuss and plan your strategy. It will also allow you to understand what your competitors are doing which, as it is for any competitive situation, will give you the best advantage and will make you a better managing director. Last, but not least, it will save you a great deal of time, money and headaches down the road.

Some of search engine marketing areas of rank influence.

Every Small Business is Unique.

Each business owner pours personality and passion into his or her work creating a unique dynamic which deserves a customized marketing solution designed to leverage your strength as well as exploit the competition weeknesses.

Tipically the marketing agency in striving for efficiency, due to the larger clients base, would need to establish a standardize, if not one-fits-all, process which no matter how well conceived, it is neither designed to leverage your strenghts nor to exploits the specific competirors weaknesses. Read about Planning your local online marketing strategy.

My brand of Local Marketing.

I start by researching your target market, both competiton and audience, taking note of general trends evolution and trajectory. Then throughly analyze the competition marketing strategies.

We are interested in their strenghts but even more interested in their weaknesses. And I am not only referring to product or organizational shortcoming as much as to audience expectations in terms of lifestyle brand message delivered with full leverage of web and search engine technology.

I design your marketing strategy as an upgraded version of the sum of your competitors strategies, making sure to leverage the openings created by the competition oversights.

The search engine measures and compares. It will notice that your website content is better optimized and more comprehensive. This smarter marketing strategy will push your ranking higher and stear new customers in your direction.

Interested in the “How To”?
Read about Local market research in details Here.


A quick note before we continue:

it is not about out-spending the competition. It’s about in depth familiarity with search engine technology allowing for skillful reverse engineering and exploitation of any under-optimized area of the top competitors marketing strategy.


User Experience Optimization streamlines site navigation and user intent actualization

UX+SEO = The lean, mean, Marketing Machine.

Once we have determined the best strategy we can start training for the fight. In order to get you fit we analyze your web properties; website, social media, directories listing, blog, articles, videos, any and all promotionals; the process of Search Engine Optimization begins.

Systematically everything need to be optimized, your website and all the off site published material. Equally important is the user experience optimization (UXO), we want to make each one of your customers feel like the red carpet has been laid down just for them and a chaperone is leading the way. After all the search engine does not become your customer, your website visitors do.

Advanced Marketing Strategies.

At this point your business is the most prominent when potential new customers search online.

It is time to leverage the momentum created by your SEO upgrade with some heavy duty Search Engine Marketing and brand recognition inhancement through social media marketing, rich media publishing, mobile marketing and at times even some good ol’ fashion off line local promotion… If your business is ready for expansion, we can make it happen.

One Stop Marketing Solution.

Effective online promotion is achieved when marketing creativity is combined with web technology in depth familiarity.

The technical aspect is today a fundamental force to be seen not as a challenge but as an additional strategic asset to be leveraged.

My journey as web professional started back in the nineties when there was no other way to progress than to research. There were no classes or teachers yet.

Because of that something wonderful happened, I learned how to learn… and my geeky genes did the rest.

From web design to web development and how to leverage both to multiply any business capability for growth.

The days of the ‘One man team’ are long gone. Technology evolves and expands esponentially, marketing has become almost a science and production cycles expectations shrink with every new project, but if free of time constrains I could strategize and implement your brand, online presence and promotion from the ground up.

However, I’ll be more than happy to collaborate with your current web team, and if you don’t have one, no problem, I have mine.

We are a full service digital marketing solution backed up by 19 years of web industry experience.