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Local Marketing

Small Business Local Marketing Service

Statistics show that 92% of consumers search online before deciding where to spend money.

The presence of on topic information, its quality and the overall accuracy of the website technical implementation, as measured by the search engine, decide which company will be recommended to the potential buyer.

This web site is designed to give you actionable information to clear the fog around Digital Marketing, in plain English.

Learn at your own pace, or give me a call for personal coaching or a hands off marketing solution (XXX XXX-XXXX).

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Search Results for Local Business

Mobile now represents 67% of digital media time.

Desktop, with 33%, is used for shopping research only when it is already in use, mostly during office hours.

Millions of people are using their phone and tablets to search. Does your business show up? Are you optimized for mobile marketing?

Besides the undeniable necessity for a mobile friendly website, emerging technologies are enabling several mobile marketing strategies which would easily, and considerably, increase your business volume.

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Social Marketing

Social Networking For Local Business

Social networking for small business works on the principle of word of mouth marketing, which when combined with the un-limited potential of the web it’s elevated to the nth power reaching millions of comsumers.

People talking about a product or brand online bring new customers to your business and create references (citations; a.k.a. links) which in turn improve your online reputation and domain authority, increasing your ranking in the search engines.

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Search Marketing

Serch Engine Marketing Optimization

Search Engine Marketing is both, the science and art of optimizing the entirety of a business web presence.

Every single page, article, post, reference, link, review, video, ad… everything becomes part of one perfectly tuned marketing machine.

The optimization is applied on two fronts simultaneusly. The marketing message is crafted to please and convert visitors into buyers while weaved within that message are the SEO technicalities aimed at maximizing your search engine rank.

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Understanding Digital Marketing

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Latest developments in analytic software technology has lowered the cost of leveraging cutting edge digital marketing strategies.


Web traffic analytic software has recently become an unbelivably powerful tool when used by a digital marketing expert. Market and marketing competition analysis used to be very tasking endavours involving entire teams for weeks can now be accomplished by one analyst in a few hours.

One would expect the fees would reflect this but “most” marketing agencies have swiftly turned the savings into profit.

I am willing to invest a couple of hours of work, free of charge, in exchange for the chance to initiate a mutually profitable collaboration.

After analyzing the strength of your online presence as well as that of your direct competitors, I generate a detailed report designed to be visually self explanatory.

If any part of the report stimulate your curiosity please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to explain my findings and suggested action plan.

It will take less than a half an hour of your time and, pardon the repetivness, free of charge. No bloted technical jargon, promised. Just results oriented strategy. In plain English, straight to the point.

I will deliver exceptionally valuable information ($4000.00 report and $360.00 hr. consultation fee waved). The report is yours to keep. The information will clarify your marketing status and future direction.

At your convenience you will then decide if you want to take advantage of my expertise.

Fill in the form or give me a call at XXX XXX.XXXX to clarify and achieve your marketing goals.